in absentia press


Argo: The Freshmaker




My Grandfather Was An Astronaut

Dr. Eric Attar Starring as The Kerrang Hunter

Master Exploder

Dr. Eric Attar and The F@%king Sweat Nurse Vs. The Chrononaut

Black Gold Black Water

Baby Big Brother

Operation: Iraqi Jam

Skull Pen Issue Two

Skull Pen Issue One

Break-Up Bots

The Adventures of Bobby Fugly


in absentia press is a small press comic book host and publisher operated by me, Robert James Algeo. Not every comic I've done is listed in the comics section above, but every comic that I've put out under the in absentia press name is. This is, like, the zillionth version of, so there are still some things that need to get worked out. That being said, if you see something that seems to be broken or missing, please let me know.


You can reach me at